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Deep Tissue Massage Wirral

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Deep Tissue Massage Threapy in Wirral

Often related to sport, Deep Tissue Massage is the most efficient massage to release muscular knots and tension built up within deep layers of the muscles after an intense workout or accumulated over the time.



Deep Tissue Massage Wirral

Most of the time, the origin of the pain or tension is quite well defined causing restriction which limit the muscle to fully use its potential and generate spreading tension and pain as the surrounding muscles will then have to compensate.



The objective of the massage is to determine which muscle is at the origin of the pain, and then ease the knot buy supporting the release of accumulated toxins to allow each muscular fiber to work properly.



This massage starts gently to warm up the different layers of tissue and ensure a safe reach of the area concerned. Then using a variety of massage techniques such as myofascia release, trigger point and massage strokes I will gradually come to a deep and firm treatment. Then, I will finish the session with a smooth relaxing massage.



Each session will bring great relaxation, but most of the time it will take a course of treatment to fully release a deep or old "knot".

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