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Pregnancy Massage in Wirral


The Benefits of a massage during pregnancy:

  • Relaxation
  • Share a peaceful time out, with your baby, stress free
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Ease muscular spasms
  • Stimulate lymphatic circulation, help prevent and reduce swelling
  • Reduce stress on weight- bearing joints
  • Release muscular tension
  • Help improve your sleep
  • And the magic trick: Claire's maternity pillow


I know it's hard to believe, but it needs to be tried. You can spend the time of your massage lying on your stomach!!!

When was your last sleeping time in this position? Can you just imagine the relief for your back?


How it works:

You may probably think, you would love a nice relaxing massage but you feel too big and too uncomfortable to lie on a massage couch anyway. Let me prove you wrong. Julie is the perfect example that a 40 weeks pregnant woman can comfortably and safely lie on her stomach.


I researched, tried and finally found an incredibly comfortable and safe ergonomic maternity "pillow" which support any size stomach, and offer great release to back, legs and hips, whatever advanced is your pregnancy.


No more need to turn around from one side to the other, neither to compress your shoulders to receive a back massage.


Is it safe for me and the baby?


Yes it is, as long as the following points are respected:

  • You are not less than 12 weeks pregnant.
  • You keep me informed of the state of your pregnancy. Before each massage, we have a quick consultation to evaluate the best and safer massage to suit you.
  • Know your therapist. A fantastic masseur is not necessarily certified in pregnancy massage. It takes specific knowledge to insure both mum's and baby's safe benefits.


Pregnancy Massage Wirral
Pregnancy Massage
Preganancy Wirral
Massage Pregnancy
Wirral Pregnancy Massage

Julie is at her 40th week of pregnancy, all pictures were taken that day! Both, mum and baby are comfortable and safe, there is absolutely no pressure on Julie's stomach and her back is fully relaxed. Let's hear from Julie!

'I remained at work for the duration of my pregnancy which resulted in great discomfort. This mainly resulted from having to sit upright at work and lack of sleep, I find it difficult to find a position I could lie in for any amount of time. This was not my first pregnancy so I accepted the fact that there was little that could help until I discovered Claire on the internet and thought I would contact her to see if she could help.

I explained to Claire that I was experiencing aching and pains in my back and ribs as well as a lot of tension in my shoulders. Claire attended at my home address and we discussed my options and what would be most beneficial to me. We decided on some reflexology to begin with which I must say what wonderfully relaxing that was. Once it was over I fell asleep for the first time in weeks. Claire attended a second time but this time she brought along a maternity pillow which is specially designed so that a pregnant woman can lie face down allowing her bump to rest in the hole at the centre of the pillow, this is to take all tension away from the back.

My only regret is that I didn't discover Claire sooner as this was an amazing massage and to be able to lie face down after 9 months was such a fantastic sensation. I was 40 weeks pregnant the day Claire did this massage.

I thoroughly recommend this, especially if you are having a big baby like I did coming out at 9 lb 3 ounces.'

Julie Riley

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