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Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a delicate form of “skin stretching” massage combined with soft pumping movements that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, helping the body to eliminate toxins & excess fluid and waste whilst also providing a boost to the immune system. It also

has a very calming and relaxing effect.


This is an ideal treatment to have before those dreaded beach holidays as it can help shift pounds by draining the built up fluid and cellulite.


This is a great treatment to have in conjunction with a weight loss program as it can help promote weight loss in ways of draining excess fluid, eliminate toxins and improve self esteem. Dare being touched and rediscover how important it is to feel good about our own body.


Most importantly Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very effective treatment to prevent and drain the water retention in the condition of lymph oedema.

 I notice a great benefit of lymphatic drainage in condition of IBS and “chronicle” stomach pain. Many of us tend to store our stress within shoulders or tummy. A great amount of lymph nodes are situated within the abdomen. Stimulating the lymph circulation will promote the drainage of toxins. The massage itself will help the release of stress.


Lymphatic drainage is very effective for Headaches. Very often associate with stress, shoulder and neck and general tension as well as menstrual condition.


Even if 1 treatment will probably show good result, most of the time the lymphatic massage treatment will require a course of treatment.


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