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Aromatherapy massage combines massage therapy techniques with essential oils.

The aromatherapy is a holistic treatment on its own, which means that body, mind and spirit are taken into account.


Each essential oil is extracted from a specific plant known for its beneficial effects on particular conditions, which can affect us physically, nervously or emotionally. Most of them also have antiseptic properties and are regularly used in our every day household product.


The aromatherapy promotes improvement for physical and emotional well-being and more importantly reduces stress which we all know is cause of many illnesses, depression and anxiety.


An aroma-massage is a fantastic upgrade to an ultimate relaxing massage. It is a light massage using a blend of carrier oil and essential oils which dispend its scents and promotes such a relaxing feeling. As the oil penetrates the skin, the benefit will prolonged for hours to come.


It can be a one of treatment or you may choose a more in depth treatment to support specific conditions.


This will involve a previous consultation to evaluate and define your individual needs followed by a first general relaxing aroma-massage.

The further treatments will be supported by your personal blend I will have prepared for your unique benefit, according the specific oils to your condition.


Combining the benefits of a massage and the benefits of aromatherapy will greatly ease stress, relieve muscular tension, stimulate the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and excess fluid.


Regular treatment can be beneficial for a wide range of complaints. It will help calm your mind, relax and boost your energy level.


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