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Lava Shells generates heat and are perfect for stress busting and promoting deep relaxation. Warm Lava Shell back massage is a deeply comforting massage which uses recycled, naturally self-heating Tiger Clam shells from the sun kissed shores of the Philippines.


These marine polished sea shells glide smoothly over the body, and with their smoothing heat are perfect for men or women that want deep tissue work, as they help release muscle tension, unblock energy flow, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Experience the warmth of the Warm Lava Shell Massage at home. Warm Lava Shell Homecare Kit contains one shell, 4 lava charges and massage oil. Warm Lava Shell Massage is a soothing remedy for deep relaxation, menstrual cramps and for anyone that feels the cold. Warm Lava Shell Massage is ideal for both men and women.

Warm Lava Shell Massage Kit Wirral

Warm Lava Shell Homecare Kit

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