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Tsuboki is a combination of therapies, relaxing and treating, to feel peaceful and good on the inside and the outside!

It involves various techniques:

Tsuboki Wirral
  • Stimulation of acupressure points (without needles) along the meridians running through the face and the scalp, balancing the energy of the whole body and inducing self-healing
  • Superficial gentle massage, to improve skin tone and smooth wrinkles
  • Deeper level massage to improve facial muscle tone, smooth expression lines and general appearance
  • Lymphatic drainage to drain metabolic waste fluid, toxins and accumulated fluids causing puffiness under the eyes and along the jaw line

Japanese Facial Massage in Wirral


This massage is a relaxing natural, non-invasive treatment. Not a proper face-lift but definitively it improves appearance and releases visible marks of stress and tension.

Tsuboki is the most appreciated treatment for Pamper Party. It's pure Indulgence and you will definitively come back to it as you hear people around you saying how bright you look and wondering what happened to your face, what kind of treatment you had done.

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