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Pamper Party in Wirral

Pamper Party Wirral

For your ultimate Pamper Party, Claire4health will provide a mobile service of reflexology and massage, combining Treat and Treatment, in the comfort of your home, to share memorable quality Pampering time with your friends:

  • Birthday party
  • Girly night
  • Hen party
  • Friends reunion
  • Leaving party
  • Corporate event
  • Weight loss support group


How does it work?

The therapist will come to your home with a massage couch and all equipment required for a safe and comfortable treatment. It is recommended but not required that you provide a separate room, to ensure the most beneficial, relaxing and confidential session for your guests as being pampered.

To offer the best, safe and most appropriate treatment, we will ask each guest to fill a short confidential consultation form, which may be provided to you before the party. At first, Claire offers to demonstrate an Indian Head Massage. You and your guests will be paired and have the opportunity to follow and practice the routine on each other. It is fun! and relaxing!

Then you and your guests will receive an individual treatment of your individual choice. The time allocated to each is up to you. We provide towels, dressing gowns, candles, oils and music to ensure the pleasure of all senses.

  • A Natural Face Lift Massage / Tsuboki - To feel rejuvenate, good on the inside and the outside
  • Reflexology - A combination of treat and treatment with a deep relaxation
  • Indian Head Massage - A light, gentle but so effective and relaxing treatment
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder massage - We work at your convenience, light or deep tissue massage
  • Swedish Massage - Full or partial body massage


Charges and conditions:

  • We can organize 1 - 3 therapists to come.
  • We can accomodate up to 3 treatments in an hour.
  • The hourly rate is £ 33.00 / hour / therapist.
  • 50% discount for the hostess treatment and loyalty card for each.
  • Minimum charge: £ 100.00 / therapist.
  • 5-10 min. therapist break time in between 2 treatments is not charged.
  • If applicable, parking fee will be charged as well as travel expense, depending of your location.
  • 1 hour treatment
  • £ 33.00 p.p.
  • 30 min treatment (2 sessions/h.)
  • £ 16.50 p.p.
  • 20 min treatment (3 sessions/h.)
  • £ 11.00 p.p.
  • 15 min. treatment is considered like a taster session
  • £ 10.00 p.p.

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